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Our Center is dedicated to helping you on your entrepreneurial journey.


Inspire students creativity through an expansive and innovative mindset, enabling a pathway for future innovators and entrepreneurs.

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About the Center

Our objective is to help students develop entrepreneurial skills that they will use in future careers as entrepreneurs, intrapreneurs, small business owners, and freelancers.

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About Principia College

We provide a wealth of opportunities aiding our community to find training resources, find mentorship, and develop their curiosity; leading to an expansive and innovative mindset. If you have an idea you want to explore…. you are in the right place to get started!

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Lucia De Paz

Director of the Center of Entrepreneurship and Innovation & Assistant Professor - Business Administration

"Entrepreneurship and Innovation are at the center today! Regardless of your area of passion, we all have an intrinsic capacity to be creative, innovate, and do things differently. That capacity is an open fount that often just has to be discovered."

Lucia De Paz has over 15 years of experience in multinational corporations, including Nestlé, Johnson & Johnson, and Millicom. She has worked internationally in 25 countries in Latin America, Europe, and Africa. Additionally, Lucia launched her family company in 2008, and is still currently up and running back in her home country, Guatemala. She freelances as a Marketing Consultant for start-ups and is currently involved in two new ventures. De Paz has managed products with yearly revenues of over $30 million and budgets of over $4 million. While at Nestlé, De Paz managed and was brand champion of NESQUIK® and MILO® in Ecuador, two of the company's multibillion dollar, worldwide brands. She worked as an intrapreneur for Nestlé, serving as a New Product Development Champion. Though at Edelman only briefly, De Paz gained a keen sense for public relations which helped her later when generating three strong Nestlé PR campaigns that reached Free Press records and earned her a Silver Effie and a first-place Nestlé brand award.


Peter Tosto

Assistant Professor - Business Administration

“Meaningful innovation comes from a deep understanding of who you are trying to help and the situations they face that matter to them. You can tell you have succeeded when they grab you by the collar and demand, ‘when can I have it!’”

Before bringing his extensive real-world experience to academia, Peter Tosto held a variety of roles for small and large information technology companies developing new products and services with customers and partners across North America, Europe, and Asia. Tosto served as director of product management for new product innovation at NCR; led product management at Internet Security Systems; and spent eleven years at IBM in offering management and business development roles. An entrepreneur himself, he is co-founder and chief product officer for Unlocked Labs, a non-profit dedicated to vastly improving access to education in prisons. He served as chief information officer and vice president of logistics at Monorail, Inc., a PC start-up founded by former Compaq executives. He also developed Found Volumes, an early software tool for searching the Christian Science periodicals.

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